Senior Academic Position (Group T/KUL – hydrometallurgy)

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Interested in a full-time Senior academic open position in the area of hydrometallurgy for urban mining? Check out the new position at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Campus Group T at KU Leuven. The position is closely linked to the SIM² KU Leuven research cluster (cf. Research Line 3 on hydro- and solvometallurgical processes).

Key description

You develop a research programme at an international level in the field of hydrometallurgy with specific application to the recovery of metals from mineral waste. Possible research topics are long term leaching of heavy metals from recycled materials, recovery of heavy metals or metal compounds from industrial residues and purification of secondary raw materials containing heavy metals. The aimed research involves experimental research on inorganic material streams.

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More information

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