SIM² wins 8 new EIT RawMaterials projects

In the 2016 EIT RawMaterials call for KIC Added Value (KAVA) projects, SIM² KU Leuven won 8 new projects, including 3 as coordinator.

The newly won projects include 1 Upscaling project (RECOVER, coordinated by SIM² KU Leuven, targeting a mobile installation to demonstrate residue-to-geopolymer transformation), 1 new Network-of-Infrastructure on the valorisation of abandoned mining sites (RE-ACTIVATE), as well as 1 Education project (GAMES) and 5 Internationalisation projects (DOORS II, CIRRUS, TopStars, SETI, Gateway). This brings SIM² KU Leuven’s EIT KAVA portfolio to a total of 14 projects (8 as coordinator), corroborating its strong position within the Raw Materials education, innovation and valorisation domain in Europe. Most projects are set to start in January 2017, pending formal EIT Board approval.

More information on EIT Raw Materials

EIT RawMaterials is one of the so-called KICs that are funded by the European Commission. A KIC is a Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC) on the EU-level, bringing together the leading European partners in one of the key domains for Europe. At present there are KICs for raw materials, climate, energy, IT and health. EIT RawMaterials, initiated and funded by the European Commission, drives innovation between business, research and education to make the EU raw material independent. It stimulates the translation of research results into practical innovation, new businesses and up-to-date educational curricula.

Headquarters and co-location centres

The administrative headquarters (HQ) and the legal seat of EIT RawMaterials are based in Berlin, Germany. EIT RawMaterials is composed of 6 geographically clustered “co-location centres” (CLCs). Each CLC is governed by a CLC Steering Group, consisting of representatives from the partners. The CLC Steering Groups are responsible to strategically oversee the CLC operations and for their co-operation with the local partners and raw materials actors as well as the alignment with the overall goals of EIT RawMaterials. The CLC Management Teams are responsible for everyday operations and involve the CLC Manager, Education Officers and Business Developers. One of these CLCs is based in Leuven, Flanders. This CLC is composed of the Flemish lead partners (KU Leuven, VITO, UGent, Umicore) and also involves key players from Wallonia, Netherlands, Germany. The thematic focus for this CLC is urban and landfill mining, which is the result of the strong background of the involved partners in this field. The annual KIC Membership fee for core partners like KU Leuven, Umicore, UGent and VITO is 100,000 euro/year (cash contribution).

KIC Projects (internally funded)

The EIT financing model is based on the principle that KIC partners collectively bring in their so-called KIC Complementary Activity funding (KCA) which then triggers funding from the European Commission. KCA funding consists of on-going national and European research projects (e.g. SIM ICON or SBO projects, Horizon 2020 projects) and relevant investments, which have to be accepted in the KIC business plan. For every 750 euro of KCA budgets that can be foreseen by the partners, the EC can provide a (maximum) amount of 250 euro for developing so-called KIC Added Value Projects (or “KAVA” projects). The maximum yearly budget by the European Commission is capped at a predetermined level for each KIC. Annual funding is of the order of magnitude of 50 M€ and is guaranteed until 2022, after which EC funding will be gradually decreased. To develop the KAVA projects, there is a yearly call within the KIC. Allocation of the projects occurs on a competitive basis. Only the best KAVA projects get funded. Operationally, the projects are managed through the co-location centres, which also support the partners in their strive for new, innovative projects. There are different types of KAVA projects. “Networks of Infrastructure Projects” organise structured pools of labs, modelling and pilot facilities across Europe as required to enable the research and innovation activities of the academic, research and industrial community. “Up-scaling Projects” aim at developing new technologies and at transforming them into innovative market solutions. Concurrently, there are also projects on Education and Internationalisation.

SIM² KU Leuven’s on-going EIT RawMaterials KAVA projects

More info on SIM² KU Leuven’s role in EIT RawMaterials: Contact Prof. Karel Van Acker

More info on EIT RawMaterials Co-location Centre WEST: Contact Rosalia Delgado

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