PhD Training

For the students and researchers interested in working on the PhD in one of the SIM2 research groups, two doctoral schools provide a high quality training to PhD candidates at KU Leuven.

  1. Arenberg Doctoral School –

The Arenberg Doctoral School aims at training doctoral researchers both as future scientists and as scientifically trained professionals. The core of the doctoral training is doing research. In addition to research as an instrument for training and development, doctoral researchers also follow more formal training via seminars, workshops, summer schools and other course components.

PhD Vacancies:   


  1. Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences –

The Doctoral School for the Humanities and Social Sciences offers a high-quality PhD Programme in all research areas of Humanities, including Philosophy, Psychology, Theology, Educational Sciences, Canon Law, Law and Criminology, Arts, Economics and Business Economics, Social Sciences and the Arts. Doctoral students play an active role in the programme and are required to attend and present a number of seminars and participate in conferences, etc. related to their chosen area of academic research.

PhD Vacancies: