Registration for Green transition challenged by the metal supply chain

Date: 12 March 2019, 13h30-17h (+ cocktail until 18h; Registration from 12h30 onwards)

Venue: Flemish Parliament, entrance at De Loketten: IJzerenkruisstraat 99, BE 1000 Brussels

The current energy transition faces many challenges across the various stages of the metal supply chain (from mineral extraction to product end-of-life). During a seminar, a high level expert panel will discuss these challenges from different perspectives (coming from the private sector, NGO, academia, research institutions and international organisations). After a brief keynote, challenges in exploitation, processing and recycling will be analysed in the light of the EC Green Deal. Participants will further enrich the reflection during an interactive debate, and filter out several recommendations towards the EC. The event ends with a networking reception.

A broad cluster of several EU-projects is co-organising this event which is free of charge. Targeted participants are professionals from different sectors working on these and related topics. Registration is mandatory.


The NEMO, CROCODILE, TARANTULA, ION4RAW, MIREU, NEXT and SecREEts projects have received funding from the European Union’s EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020 under Grant Agreement No 776846 (NEMO –, GA No 776473 (CROCODILE –, GA No 821159 (TARANTULA –,  GA No 776559 (SecREEts), GA No 776804 (NEXT –, GA No 776811 (MIREU –, GA No 815748 (ION4RAW –