Radionuclide generators for clinical applications

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Hongshan Zhu (now at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics), Stephan Heinitz (from the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre), Koen Binnemans (KU Leuven, Department of Chemistry), Steven Mullens (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) and Thomas Cardinaels (KU Leuven and the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre) have published a new article on 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generators for the separation of 213Bi towards clinical demands. The article is published as a review paper in the journal Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers

Bismuth-213 (213Bi) is a promising radionuclide for clinical application in targeted alpha therapy of cancers. 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generators are of particular interest for the production/separation of 213Bi. This review aims to give an overview of the current status of 225Ac production, 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generator systems, the types of adsorbents, separation conditions, separation mechanisms, and critical challenges. The review also provides guidance for investigating emerging new sorbents that can be developed to overcome the limitations of currently used sorbents.


Inorg. Chem. Front., 2024, Advance Article,


The SCK CEN Academy and VITO are acknowledged for funding. Furthermore, the authors would like to acknowledge the comments and modifications of Prof. Dr Thierry Verbiest, Prof. Dr Tatjana Vogt, Prof. Dr Maria Seo, Prof. Dr Vera Meynen, and Dr Sofía Riaño.


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