Flagship papers RL1 "Geological exploration and advanced resource characterisation"

N. Hulsbosch, J. Hertogen, S. Dewaele, L. André, P. Muchez, Alkali metal and rare earth element evolution of rock-forming minerals from the gatumba area pergmatites (Rwanda): Quantitative assessment of crystal-melt fractionation in the regional zonation of pegmatite groups, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 132, 2014, 349-374.
X. Wang, D. Geysen, T. Van Gerven, P.T. Jones, B. Blanpain, M. Guo, Characterization of landfilled stainless steel slags in view of metal recovery, Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering, 11 (3), 2017, 353-362.
P. Muchez, A.S. André-Mayer, H.A. El Desouky, L. Reisberg, Diagenetic origin of the stratiform Cu-Co deposit at Kamoto in the Central African Copperbelt, Mineralium Deposita, 50, 2015, 437-447.
X. Wang, D. Geysen, S. Tinoco, N. D’Hoker, T. Van Gerven, B. Blanpain, Characterisation of copper slag in view of metal recovery, Mineral Processing and Extractive Metallurgy, 124 (2), 2015, 83-87.
J. Vind, A. Malfliet, B. Blanpain, P.E. Tsakiridis, A.H. Tkaczyk, V. Vassiliadou, D. Panias, Rare Earth Element Phases in Bauxite Residue, Minerals, 8 (2), 2018, 77.

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