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SIM² is continuously looking for excellent researchers

Skillful talent in materials engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering are always in demand, with a special focus on solvo-, hydro-, pyro- and electrometallurgy.
If you are interested in working for SIM² please submit your spontaneous application:

Your application will be taken into consideration when a job vacancy that matches your profile arises. We encourage you to visit regularly our website where you can apply for specific vacancies you may be interested in.

available jobs

Financieel & Administratief Manager SOLVOMET Group

De SOLVOMET Group (KU Leuven, Dept. Chemie) is op zoek naar een Financieel en Administratief Manager (FAM). Als FAM ben je mee verantwoordelijk voor de beheersmatige ondersteuning van het hoofd van de onderzoeksgroep.

available jobs

Senior Academic Position (Group T/KUL – hydrometallurgy)

Interested in a full-time Senior academic open position (“hydrometallurgy for urban mining”)? Check out the new position at the Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Materials Engineering, Campus Group T/KU Leuven.

available jobs

Open position at SREMAT-KU Leuven (R&D project TOGETHER)

The SREMAT Research Group (SIM² KU Leuven) is looking for a PhD candidate to work in the R&D project TOGETHER (tailored building elements from engineered resources), a new Flemish-funded project in the SIM MaRes programme.

available jobs

PhD topic at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN)

Physico-chemical evolution of geopolymers in contact with aggressive environment.

available jobs

PhD topic at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN)

Non-aqueous separation process for the purification of the lutetium-177 medical radioisotope.

available jobs

PhD topic at the Belgian Nuclear Research Center (SCK-CEN)

Inorganic sorption materials tailored for 225Ra/225Ac and 225Ac/213Bi radionuclide generators for biomedical applications.

available jobs

PhD topic at the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre (SCK-CEN)

Development of a continuous process to separate americium from curium and lanthanides.

Positions that are no more available:

Open position for Industrial Research Fund Manager (MRC)

Leuven MRC is looking for a new Industrial Research Fund (IRF/IOF) Research Manager in the field of Materials Innovation for a Circular Economy. The deadline for applications for this high-profile position is January 24, 2019.

Open position at Group T/KU Leuven (hitemp reactor systems)

At the Science, Engineering & Technology Group of the KU Leuven, there is a full-time academic vacancy in the Faculty Engineering Technology, Department of Materials Engineering.

Open ESR position at KTH Stockholm in ETN NEW-MINE

The ETN NEW-MINE project on Enhanced Landfill Mining is urgently looking for a pyrolysis expert to start a Licentiate Thesis at KTH Stockholm (Sweden). Applicants can apply here:

Call for applicants: 15 PhD positions in CHARMING

The EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ETN CHARMING consortium is looking for a dynamic team of 15 bright and enthusiastic PhD students. The call for applicants is now officially open. PhD candidates need to apply on-line through the CHARMING application tool. The deadline for on-line applications is October 15, 2018. 

Call for applicants: 15 PhD positions in SULTAN

Applications are invited for 15 PhD positions in the new EU Horizon 2020 MSCA-ETN SULTAN project (EU Training Network for the Remediation and Reprocessing of Sulfidic Mining Waste Sites). Deadline for applications is 15-8-2018.

Open position for tailings project at KU Leuven

SIM² KU Leuven is urgently looking for a postdoc with experience in hydrometallurgy to work in the newly approved VLAIO SIM SBO SMART project, which deals with the zero-waste valorisation of tailings.