In memoriam Prof. Risto Harjula (Helsinki U.)

Risto IM 751x548

SIM² KU Leuven and the EU teams of the EREAN and REDMUD projects are deeply saddened to hear the news that our wonderful colleague, Prof. Risto Harjula (University of Helsinki), has passed away on September 11, 2017. We offer our sincere condolences to Risto’s family and Helsinki colleagues. For us, Risto Harjula was one of the greatest persons we have ever worked with in our EU projects. We fully agree with Risto’s colleague, Prof. Risto Koivula, that “we have to remember Risto’s joy and genuine excitement with chemistry, research and finding new things that can benefit people. For him science was not just writing papers it was making the world into a better place.”

Risto, it was an absolute pleasure working with you. We will deeply miss you.


(Peter Tom Jones, Rabab Nasser, Lucian Onisei, Yiannis Pontikes, Bart Blanpain, Karel Van Acker, Tom Van Gerven & Koen Binnemans, for SIM² KU Leuven and representing all colleagues from the EU EREAN and REDMUD projects in which we work so well with Helsinki Unversity)


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