Involved Research Groups

During the period 2011-2018 the SIM² KU Leuven consortium has gradually expanded from a core group of Research Teams/Departments (as present in the IOF-KP SMaRT-Pro²) towards a much larger organisation, covering a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from chemical engineering to chemistry, civil engineering, metallurgical and materials engineering, lifecycle engineering, environmental technology, economy, geology and mineralogy, industrial ecology, law and organisation psychology. Currently the SIM² consortium consists of the following Research Groups (associated ZAP-Members, IOF-Managers and Research Managers/Experts are also indicated):

1. Chemical Engineering: Process Engineering for Sustainable Systems (ProcESS) (Tom Van Gerven, Simon Kuhn, Xing Yang, Giuseppe Granata, Jinu John);
2. Chemistry: SOLVOMET Group – Laboratory of Metallurgical Chemistry @ KU Leuven (Koen Binnemans, Clio Deferm, Lieven Machiels, Sofia Riaño, Peter Tom Jones, Ben Gilliams);
3. Chemistry: Laboratory of Organic Synthesis (Wim Dehaen);
4. Civil Engineering: Building Materials and Building Technology Section (Özlem Cizer);
5. Civil Engineering: Construction TC, Bruges Campus (Jiabin Li);
6. Earth and Environmental Sciences: Jan Elsen, Philippe Muchez, Rudy Swennen, Patrick Degryse, Frederik Rademakers, Erik Smolders, Anout Borst, Ruben Snellings;
7. Economy and Management: Center for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (Johan Eyckmans, Valérie Cappuyns, Marc Craps, Karel Van Acker, Simon De Jaeger);
8. Law: Center for Advanced Legal Studies (Geert Van Calster);
9. Materials Engineering: High Temperature Processes and Industrial Ecology (Bart Blanpain, Peter Tom Jones, Muxing Guo, Annelies Malfliet);
10. Materials Enginering: Secondary Resources for Engineered Materials (SREMat) (Yiannis Pontikes, Lubica Kriskova);
13. Materials Engineering: Sustainability Assessments of Material Life Cycles (Karel Van Acker, Luc Alaerts);
14. Mechanical Engineering: Design Methodology and Lifecycle Engineering (Joost Duflou, Wim Dewulf);
15. Microbial and Molecular Systems (M²S): Centre for Membrane Separations, Adsorption, Catalysis, and Spectroscopy for Sustainable Solutions (Dimitrios Sakellariou);
16. Technology Cluster Materials Technology, Group T Leuven Campus (Jo Van Caneghem, Johan De Greef);
17. Technology Cluster Mechanical Engineering, Group T Leuven Campus (Wim Dewulf, Jef Peeters);

The SIM² Steercom has expressed its desire to further expand the SIM² KU Leuven composition, either by integrating new members or by reaching out to affiliates in specific project settings.

*SIM² KU Leuven Pre-General Assembly Meeting, February 24, 2020