Get to know about Gwen, ESR15 MSCA-ETN DEMETER

  • Who are you?
Gwen (ESR 15)
  • How would you define yourself?
Intellectually curious 🙂
  • So, what do you exactly do within the DEMETER project?
I collaborated with the researchers and the consortium partners to collect data to be able to model the recycling routes. I did this in order to determine if these technical solutions are in fact environmentally friendly and economically attainable or if we were just wasting our time.
  • Why did you choose this topic, and why the DEMETER project?
I have a background in LCA and knew that EVS were the future so I was excited to explore this domain. I had worked mostly in plastics previously so I was excited to work in metals.
  • Would you pursue a career within your topic?
I don’t think my exact topic could be replicated in a career. And I am interested still in LCA but don’t think I would spend 10 more years doing it.
  • Have you ever considered moving to a new country/continent before?
Yes, I have and I will 🙂
  • What is your impression of your host country? Would you like to stay after the project is over?
I love it here…I would really like to stay.
  • Do you work alone on your topic or do you have a “teammate”? Tell, us something about him/her!
I work with all 15 researchers…that’s the beauty of my topic.
  • Approaching the end of the project…share your best memory in DEMETER.
My best memory will probably be in Slovenia…it was such an unexpectedly beautiful place to discover.
  • From your experience, what do you think an EU MSCA project offers to an ‘early stage researcher’ that a regular one doesn’t?
The aspect of collaboration with industry is really interesting. Also, we have a project team/administration that really helps guide our research and put it into a holistic context which improves motivation and morale.

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