ETN CHARMING Video – as Best Practice

CHARMING Best Practice Video featured image

Another ‘Best Practice’ title for a video of a MSCA ITN coordinated by SIM2 KU Leuven during the yearly Marie Sklodowska-Curie Horizon 2020 ITN Coordinators Info Day organised by the European Commission. The first one went to the DEMETER project video during the 2016 event. This year, during the event held virtually on 19-11-2020,  the promotional video ETN CHARMING (launched January 2020) was presented as the example of successful communication and outreach. The ETN CHARMING video shows a perfect example on how the various projects under the H2020 programe can attract more attention. The video, featuring the objective and the work of the CHARMING researchers, was made in collaboration with Storyrunner. It was viewed more than 10,000 times in the first week after being launched (combined on YouTube  and KU Leuven’s Facebook page). It guides the viewer through the diverse chemical learning-related environments that the project is focusing on.

The CHARMING project is divided in three Work Packages that aim to motivate, teach and train with immersive technologies to three main age groups that daily interacts with chemical content: children in primary and early secondary school (age 8-14), students in secondary school and university (age 15-23) and employees with lifelong learning and career development (age 23+). The storyboard of the video, created as a collaboration of Storyrunner and CHARMING researchers,  includes different locations where the learning of chemistry and chemical engineering is the common element, such as a primary school classroom, a university laboratory, and an industrial plant.


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