Electro-Recycling Hero’s tips & tricks in 3 new AWARE videos

To raise public awareness on the importance of electronic waste as a source of valuable (& critical) materials, the EIT RawMaterials AWARE team has launched three brand new animated videos in collaboration with Storyrunner.

Three videos with practical tips and tricks from the Recycling hero were produced as part of the AWARE project. The videos are the continuation of the first Electro-Recycling Hero video and aim to introduce the ideas to reduce our e-waste footprint. The videos are starring Liubov Lukina (InOpSys NV) and were produced by Storyrunner.

In these videos, the Electro-Recycling Hero explains to the young audience the principles of circular economy, the value and importance of recycling. Likewise, she comes up with a set of practical tips on how to prolong the battery life or what to do when electronics break down. The target group are school children and the videos are part of the AWARE project which stands for ‘’Raising public awareness on electronic waste as a source of valuable materials.’’



About EIT RawMaterials AWARE

AWARE, which stands for “Raising public awareness on electronic waste as a source of valuable materials”, is a Wider Society Learning Project financed by EIT RawMaterials. The project partners are: Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. VTT – leader; Hub Innovazione Trentino; Relight S.R.L.; Delft University of Technology; KU Leuven.

The focus of the project is on education and involvement of school children, both to raise the awareness of end-of-life electronics as a resource and to transfer this message, through the children, to families and society as whole.

The aim of the project is to increase the share of waste ending up in official take-back systems instead of losing resources to waste disposal or incineration plants and collection outside official take-back systems. The university students in this project will act as envoys to teach pupils at schools about the relevance of circular economy and recycling of electronic waste.