DEMETER Summer School

The aim of this Summer School is to bring 50-60 PhD students and postdocs together to learn and discuss about the “Design and Recycling of Rare-Earth Permanent Magnet Motors and Generators in Hybrid and Full Electric Vehicles. The summer school consists of 12-13 lectures (60 min lecture + 30 min of Q&A). The lecturers are world class experts.


  1. Rare earths applications
  2. REEs in magnesium alloys
  3. Rare earths recycling and the balance problem
  4. Recovery of REEs from electronic waste
  5. NdFeB magnets
  6. Introduction to magnetism
  7. Magnet recycling using HD
  8. Permanent magnet motor assembly design
  9. Permanent magnet motors in (H)EVs
  10. Urban mine/REE magnets in cars
  11. Industrial production of REE magnets
  12. Use of Eco-Audit tool to assess the trade-offs between the environmental and engineering performance aspects of product designs

Contact persons:

Ms. Rabab Nasser:[/fusion_text]

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