The SIM² KU Leuven governance structure (formally agreed 31-3-2014) consists of the following organs:


The GA consists of the following members, involved in SIM²: ZAP, IOF Managers and (Senior) postdocs.

Its core tasks are:

  • Information exchange;
  • Discussion on new project ideas, input for long term vision/5-year strategy;
  • Decides on the admission of new members to the General Assembly.

Industrial Sounding Board

The ISB (Industrial Sounding Board) consists of external parties (companies and also governmental and civil society actors). Once per year these parties are invited to the open SIM² annual meeting where research results are shown and research roadmaps are discussed. Additionally, Sounding Board partners are invited to more exclusive “SIM² dinners” (on specific topics) and “SIM² vision meetings” (on-invitation only, VP level).


The SteerCom consists of Peter Tom Jones (Chairperson),  the five Research Line Leaders: Bart BlanpainKoen Binnemans, Yiannis Pontikes, Karel Van Acker, Tom Van Gerven (also Research Liaison) and Lieven Machiels as  Research Manager. The roles of the Steering Committee are:

  • Strategic planning of SIM² (project strategy, publication/IP strategy etc.);
  • Alignment of research strategies RLs and flagship initiatives (SOLVOMET, CR³, HiTemp Centre, EIT RawMaterials, SIM Mares);
  • Labels projects as SIM² projects;
  • Organises General Assembly meetings and Industrial Sounding Board meetings;
  • Organises dissemination events, master fellowships;
  • Website management and updated general presentation.

Five Research Line Teams

Every RL Team brings together all KU Leuven professors, researchers, research managers active in the field. Academic partners (ZAP, IOF, senior postdocs) in SIM² can be part of different research lines.