Call for papers BR2018 Conference (Athens, 2018)

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It is with great pleasure that SIM² KU Leuven and ETN REDMUD can announce the 2nd Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices conference – BR2018. The conference will be held from 7-10 May, 2018 in Athens, Greece. Stimulated by the success of the Bauxite Residue Valorisation and Best Practices conference, in 2015, and under the framework of EU H2020 MSCA ETN REDMUD project, we are delighted to invite academia and industry from around the world for an open dialogue, under one roof to discuss the latest innovations as well as develop possible strategies and new collaborations for a more sustainable way of using our resources.

Important dates

  • Abstract submission start date: 01.06.2017
  • Abstract submission deadline: 01.09.2017
  • Notification of acceptance for oral or poster presentation: 01.11.2017
  • Full paper submission deadline: 10.01.2018
  • Final program: 20.03.2018

Abstract submission

All interested participants are invited to submit paper(s) to be featured at the event. All submitted abstracts (no more than 25 lines) will undergo a full review with accepted ones invited for the final mode of presentation either in oral or poster format. Poster presenters can also deliver a short oral presentation (3-5 minutes) about their posters to the auditorium audience during an Intensified Poster Presentation Session.

Conference themes

The conference aspires to cover the whole chain of bauxite residue, from production to applications. In detail, the themes as structured in the program are:

  • From bauxite to a modified bauxite residue: additions and process modifications leading to a more attractive bauxite residue for downstream use
  • Neutralisation, revegetation and beyond: from actions to reduce alkalinity all the way to restoration of fauna and flora in former disposal sites
  • Recovery of Fe, Al, Ti: being the metals with the highest concentration in bauxite residue, the session will cover processes to recover them
  • Recovery of minor elements and REE: focus is now placed on minor metals and REE that can have a substantial impact on the economic viability of the processes
  • Cement, concrete and inorganic polymers: with production volumes in the range of billion metric tons annually, these materials can incorporate substantial volumes
  • Ceramics: from clay based ceramics to more sophisticated ceramics with engineered properties
  • Other novel applications: catalysis, polymer composites, adsorbents and many more applications that go beyond the usual paths while offering new possibilities


Athens, a sprawling city established among seven historic hills and surrounded by remarkable mountains, is the capital and largest city of Greece. Inhabited for more than 3,000 years, it presents a beautiful blend of historical and modern features. More info


Aegli Zappiou’s location could not be more ideal for such a conference. Located in the heart of the city of Athens, in the Zappeio Gardens and next to the Zappeion Megaron (the first building designed to serve the needs of the Olympic Games), Aegli Zappiou multiplex offers state-of-the-art infrastructure in a unique and charming setting.

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