SIM² KU Leuven is the new KU Leuven Institute on Sustainable Metals and Minerals, one of the 4 flagship KU Leuven Institutes endorsed by the KU Leuven Academic Council. 


To develop, organise & implement problem-driven, science-deep research & future-oriented education, contributing to the environmentally friendly production & recycling of metals, minerals & engineered materials, supporting (…) a climate-friendly, circular-economy. Read more >

New paper: Pyrolysis of excavated waste from landfill mining September 15, 2020 READ MORE Effect of pH and hydrogen bond donor on the dissolution of metal oxides in DES September 15, 2020 READ MORE New ETN SOCRATES Policy Brief on European Green Deal September 15, 2020 READ MORE “Recycling the strongest metals”, TARANTULA's new video September 14, 2020 READ MORE Solvometallurgy to the rescue of rare-earth elements (REEs) September 9, 2020 READ MORE

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