SIM² KU Leuven is the KU Leuven Institute for Sustainable Metals and Minerals, one of the flagship KU Leuven Institutes formally endorsed by the KU Leuven Academic Council. 


To develop, organise & implement problem-driven, science-deep research & future-oriented education, contributing to the environmentally friendly production & recycling of metals, minerals & engineered materials, supporting (…) a climate-friendly, circular-economy. Read more >


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Expert X-ray diffraction

The Department of Chemistry (part of KU Leuven’s Science and Technology Group) is looking for an expert in X-ray diffraction.   Responsibilities You keep the X-ray machines operational and supervise their correct use: You take

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Research Results


Can 3D printing solve the numbering-up challenge of microfluidic reactors?

The potential of microfluidic reactors, small capillary channels, to intensify mass transfer processes has been proven extensively over the last decades. In essence, liquid-liquid processes can be conducted 10—100 times faster with 1—10% of the energy requirements. These improvements imply that the same extraction process can be conducted with only 1—5% of the solvent used in the current mixer-settlers. However, this would require operating over

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